JHEMCU buzzer

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JHEMCU BZ110DB_WS2812 5V 110DB Super Loud Active Buzzer W/ WS2812 LED Light Supports F3 F4 F7 flight control for RC FPV Drone

1. The buzzer is your perfect accessory for RC Drone.
2. Installation and use is easy and easy to find RC Drone.

Model: BZ110DB_WS2812
Color: Black
Working voltage: 5V
Size: 27 * 14 * 11mm
Weight: 2,9g

1. built-in high-power buzzer, loud sound up to 110 decibels.
2. bring 4 WS2812 LEDs, with alarm flash.
3. programmable, supply 4.5 V voltage.
5. BZ110DB supports mainstream flight control, F3, F4, F7.

Package Included:
1x buzzer with LED
4x 100mm cable