SpeedyBee Mario 5 Frame

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Model SpeedyBee Mario 5 Frame
Mario 5 DC Wheelbase 227mm
Mario 5 DC Weight 129 ±5g (3D Printed Parts Excluded)
170 ±5g (3D Printed Parts and Injection)
Mario 5 XH Wheelbase 226mm
Mario 5 XH Weight 126 ±5g (3D Printed Parts Excluded)
167±5g (3D Printed Parts and Injection)
Top Plate Thickness 2.5mm(T300 3K)
Middle Plate Thickness 2.0mm(T300 3K)
Bottom Plate Thickness 2.5mm(T300 3K)
Arm Thickness 6mm(T300 3K)
Camera Mounting Screw 7mm
3D Printed Parts Yellow TPU
Battery Anti-Slip Pad Silicone 3mm
Motor Spring Hole Position Φ8mm
Compatible Propeller Size Max 5.1 Inch
Motor Mounting Hole Distance 16-19mm
FC Mounting Hole 30.5x30.5(M3)
VTX Mounting Hole 20x20(M2) / 25.5x25.5(M2)
Head Material Aviation Aluminum Alloy
Aluminum Column Material 7075 D5*23mm/D46*22mm
Internal Mounting Height 23-31mm
Receiver Installation Space 25*13*6mm
Suitable Capacitor Size Φ10mm*20mm
GPS Installation Size 18*18*7



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